Marcy Standard Bench with 100 lb Weight Set

Marcy Standard Bench with 100 lb Weight Set, MD-2082W Review

I’ve been using this bench for a few weeks. Pros: The bench is solid when constructed and offers upper body and leg extension/curl options at a great price. Plus it’s a compact set-up and fits in my finished basement without trouble. Cons: I find it’s not really wide enough where you hold the bar; I’m accustomed to bigger ‘olympic’ style bench holding the bar wider, working the chest more and the triceps less; and you feel like you’re going to pinch your hands when putting it back up on the rack since you have to hold it so close. Also, the concrete plates are twice as wide as iron plates and only 3 concrete plates can fit on each side of this smallish 48″ bar (as pictured). So you’re stuck at 100 pounds max, unless you buy more plates to substitute for the 15 and 10 lb ones, which I did. Using all 25 lb plates (3 each side) the bar is now 150 lbs. That’s okay since I’m just toning up, but isn’t enough for an adult male who’s serious about working out. But a bigger bench takes up a lot of room, so it’s a trade off. Overall it’s good for casual workouts, but I’d recommend another set-up if you’re benching 150 lbs +, and getting one with iron plates where you can fit a lot on the bar.

Marcy Standard Bench with 100 lb Weight Set, MD-2082W

$128.99 | Sold & shipped by Walmart

Marcy Standard Bench with 100 lb Weight Set, MD-2082W, weight loss exercise programs women,strength trainer

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The Marcy strength bench delivers a multitude of exercise options for strengthening all major muscle groups.

Being durable and compact, it’s a “must have” for any home exercise room.

Marcy Standard Bench with 100 lb Weight Set, MD-2082W: Multi-position back pad adjusts for incline and flat chest press exercises Accepts standard and mid size barbells Total leg developer targets quadricep, hamstring and glute muscles Targets upper and lower body muscle groups Burn calories and lose weight Tone and define muscles Increase strength and stamina Durable powder coated finish 5-position back pad adjusts to chest press and 3-position incline press exercise positions Leg developer Comfortable foam roller pads High density rolled upholstery constructed from top-grade high density foam Accepts standard size weight plates and bar Max 300 lbs user weight capacity Max 200 lbs crutch support capacity 80 lbs vinyl coated weight set Dimensions: 1.

25″ x 1.

25″ heavy duty steel tube frame Model# MD-2082W

Marcy Standard Bench with 100 lb Weight Set, MD-2082W, olympic bench press,marcy pro bench

Easy to assemble, affordable, comes with 2 x 25#, 2 x 15#, and 2 x 10# weights, a nice weight bar, adjustable bench, etc, etc….
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Bought this as a gift for my teenage son. I’m a single mom and it was easy for me to put together. The size of the seat and back seem nice – I had one before that was so skinny it was uncomfortable but this seems to be much better. He seems happy with it.

The bench simply rests on the bar behind it, which didn’t feel secure to me. There wasn’t enough room to space my hands properly on the bar for bench press. I really wanted it to work (I’m a woman, wanting to get back into lifting) and I thought this would be good to start on at least. But it just didn’t feel sturdy enough. Doing leg curls hurt my upper legs because the bench pressed into them–bench should be wider than it is. Even as cheap as it was, my husband and I felt it wasn’t worth keeping and returned it in store. That process was smooth, but the box sure is heavy. I couldn’t return it myself, he had to be there to get it in the cart.

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